Wiley Town Hall

Wiley Medical Clinic

Wiley town council meetings are held the second Monday of every month at 7:00PM at the town hall

Council Members

Allen Campbell /Mayor
Ph: (719) 829-4559
Chuck Miller /Mayor Pro Tem
Ph: (719) 688-2746

Larry Coen /Trustee
Ph: (719) 829-4942
Sandy Coen /Trustee
Ph: (719) 688-9207
Tom Proctor /Trustee
Ph: (719) 336-2078
Dale Stewart /Trustee
Ph: (719) 691-9369
Julie Esgar /Trustee
Ph: (719) 829-4283
Debbie Dillon /Town Clerk
Ph: (719) 829-4974
Scott Wittman /Town Superintendent
Ph: (719) 688-8312

Council Minutes

Please note that the town council minutes are available to view at the town hall during regular business hours.

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